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The Situation

Northeast Thailand is the least developed region in Thailand. Many families living in developing urban and rural communities in Northeast Thailand want to be a part of the solution. They want to see a brighter future for their families and their children’s families. Children in developing countries dream of futures where they are meaningfully employed in professions that serve the needs of their developing communities; but many of these children lose their hope and forget their dreams as the insurmountable realities of life press them down. These children need help in order to find their way forward.


Our Purpose

Some families are trapped in a cycle of poverty due to limited education and opportunities, and these families are looking for a way to help their children break out of this cycle. Other families are looking for an education with a strong English language emphasis to better equip their children to enter increasingly competitive job markets. We aim to inspire families and train their children so that their dreams for the future will become a reality. We believe that through education, we can play a vital role in the development of Northeast Thailand.


Harvest Learning Center

In 2016 World Harvest Foundation, which was established in 2004, launched Harvest Learning Center. The students at Harvest Learning Center study Monday through Friday from 8.00am until 4:00pm. They receive intensive instruction in English, and by the end of their first year they are ready to study in an environment that is 100% English-speaking.


Harvest Learning Center is registered with the Thai Ministry of Education to take children from kindergarten to Secondary 6. The curriculum includes English, Math, Thai, Social Studies, and Science. In addition to academic instruction, there is a strong emphasis character training and development. We hope and believe that our solid academic curriculum combined with our emphasis on character will prepare and equip our students to be upright and honest members of society and citizens of the world.

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