Our Projects


Harvest Learning Center

Harvest Learning Center, our main project, is unique in that we use an academically challenging curriculum which emphasizes individualization and mastery-based learning with a strong emphasis on character training.

1. Our curriculum is academically challenging. Our students study written English, and they are required to speak English throughout the school day, with the exception of the periods when they are studying Thai language and culture. Math and science are also English subjects.

2. Our curriculum emphasizes individualization. This means that each of our students is tested in order to determine his/her current instructional level in English and math. Each student is then assigned a curriculum package that matches his/her current level of instruction.

3. Our curriculum is mastery-based. This means that once we have determined the instructional level of a student, this student will not be permitted to advance to the next level of instruction without mastering the academic material at his/her current level.

4. Our curriculum emphasizes character training. Academic knowledge on its own is not enough to equip a child to become an upright and honest member of society. Some examples of character traits which we value and consistently emphasize include the following: honoring parents and other authorities, truthfulness in communication, diligence in the accurate completion of tasks, compassion for those in need, and discernment as a decision-making skill.


Other Projects


Emergency Relief

During times of emergency Harvest Learning Center sponsors relief projects. During times like this our entire team, which includes our students, gets involved in whatever ways we can to help those who are suffering. Recently we were involved in the distribution of masks and food during the initial period of the Covid-19 situation. Other past projects of World Harvest Foundation have included bringing relief and assistance to areas affected by severe flooding and mudslides and sending help to families affected by the tsunami in South Thailand.

Financial Help

When funds are available Harvest Learning Center distributes financial scholarships to qualified students who attend government schools. These scholarships are given to help support and encourage students to stay in school.

Village Outreach Program

When we have the opportunity, Harvest Learning Center does special programs for students and families in surrounding villages. Our projects include English language activities, family events, and individual counseling services.